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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I never expected that a friend would asked me how much, I think, a simple wedding will cost. In my group, only one knotted early and was my bestfriend. People are asking me when I will get married. But how can I say my side?

I’m ready to get married if it all matters with the heart. But I am more concern about the future, about attaining my personal goals and ambition. Am I that stupid to prioritize myself? I am not being selfish; I just don’t want to regret things in the future.

I hope you will find our conversation entertaining. But beyond it, I hope you will see my side and other.

*ym conversation
FRIEND: kablo ka pila mag minyo?
FRIEND: hehee
ME: nag plano na diay mo?
ME: ka early oi
FRIEND: swempre
FRIEND: early jud mag plan
ME: i mean ba... 25 pa man ta
FRIEND: 1 year na baya mi
ME: dapat mga 30 years old
FRIEND: yup 25 n ta
FRIEND: ngeks tiguwang na kaayo ang 30
FRIEND: di na ma enjoy ang baby ana
ME: ahhhhhh! grabe baby naman giistoryahan
ME: kuyawa oI!
FRIEND: hehe
FRIEND: mao man sulti pud sa kuya nako
FRIEND: kay kung 30 n ta
FRIEND: tiguwang na kaayo ta ana
ME: 30 pa gani ko gusto magminyo
ME: ngeeeeeeeee
FRIEND: ehehhe
FRIEND: ngeks
FRIEND: dugaya ui
ME: kylangan pako maka adto ug abroad or US or UK
ME: before mag minyo
ME: too early to get married oi
ME: chakas
ME: lisud kaau ang panahon karon
ME: well...
ME: if both of you gusto na then go
ME: when man mo magpakasal?
FRIEND: hehe
FRIEND: plan pa nako
FRIEND: gusto ko next year or next2 year
FRIEND: basta 26 or 27 ko mag minyo
ME: hahahaha
ME: grabe
ME: bata pa imo uyab ana oi
ME: 23 or 24?
FRIEND: tiguwang na na ui
FRIEND: atong mama pila edad nag minyo?
FRIEND: gege
ME: akong mama? 21 ata.. tapos papa nko 19
FRIEND: hehehe
FRIEND: tanawa
FRIEND: bata kaayo
ME: lahi bya ang panahon dati ug karon
FRIEND: same lang man
FRIEND: ang naglahi lang
FRIEND: ang tao
ME: hala! gusto na jud ka magminyo ba
FRIEND: kay sa panahon karon kay greedy kaayo
ME: hehehe
ME: greedy diay nang gusto nmo na ayos na future?
ME: na dli usa ka gusto magminyo ky daghan pa ka plano sa imong sarili.... greedy diay na?
FRIEND: di man na mao ang pasabot nako
FRIEND: hehehe
ME: hehehe
ME: unsa diay?
FRIEND: buings
FRIEND: di na mano
FRIEND: ang gina mean nako an greedy kay ang mga tao na ang gina atobang puro kwarta
FRIEND: kanang di pa ka ready kay di pa gyud na
FRIEND: hehehe
ME: unsay connection ana sa sayo ug dli sayo magminyo?
FRIEND: wala man
FRIEND: hehehe
FRIEND: kayu nag ana man ka dati na lahi ang panahon dati
FRIEND: hehehe
ME: hala ka oi
ME: kaminyoon na jud ka
ME: kamo?
ME: grabe
FRIEND: ako gusto na ko
FRIEND: hehehe
FRIEND: ikaw?
ME: nag istorya namo sa girl?
FRIEND: n storya na
FRIEND: hehehe
FRIEND: ana sya sa karon di pa sya ready
ME: dli pa lagi ko...bata pa ko oi. I mean, dghan pa jud kaau ko ug plano sa kinabuhi. Dliman gud ko gusto magsisi in the end
FRIEND: ana ko plan ko mag minyo after 2 years
FRIEND: ana sya dugaya ui
FRIEND: hehehe
FRIEND: pero yes naa ka idea tagpila?
ME: 100k
FRIEND: tanan2x na sya?
FRIEND: bongga na?
ME: in-ana.. kanang so-so na kasal.. dli bongga
ME: in-ana ang gastuson
FRIEND: hehe
FRIEND: kung mag minyo ko yes
FRIEND: muadto ka?
ME: if naa ko invitation
ME: alangan
FRIEND: kung wala?
ME: kon wla, d dli.. it means dli ko invited
FRIEND: heheeh
FRIEND: amaw
FRIEND: kamo pa di man timo malimtan
ME: asus
FRIEND: cguro mas daghan ko babae na mga bisita
FRIEND: heheheh
ME: kaminyuon na jud ka bah
ME: grabe mura kog gigitik
FRIEND: hehehe
FRIEND: cge lang gud
FRIEND: si kitoy gani nag minyo na
ME: ha?
ME: taysa.. minyo na?
ME: as in humana ug kasal?
ME: kanus-a lang?
FRIEND: dugay na ui
FRIEND: wala ka kabalo?
FRIEND: tsk tsk tsk
FRIEND: july yata or june
ME: kabalo naga plan cla
ME: pero wla ko kabalo humana
ME: atik.. niadto ka?
FRIEND: wala man ko invitation
FRIEND: hehehe
FRIEND: wala ko niadto
FRIEND: naa sa frndster nya
FRIEND: naa didto pix nila
ME: atik
ME: tanawon nako karon
ME: ayy unya diay
ME: chakas man ka oi
ME: mga what month ka magminyo kaya puhon?
FRIEND: gusto ko mga august pud
FRIEND: same date kung kanusa ko nya gusogot
ME: oiiiiiiiiii
ME: grabe ha
ME: ngano ka naka decide na mag minyo?
FRIEND: na feel lang nako na gusto na gyud ko
ME: so, ready ka sa tanan na magchange sa imong life?
FRIEND: ready na ko
FRIEND: hehehe
ME: i'm proud of you my FRIEND
ME: best wishes
FRIEND: hehe
FRIEND: wala pa gnai
FRIEND: hehehe
ME: diha na na padulong oi

Why Am I Afraid of Marriage? My answer, I’m not ready yet.

not ready yet.

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posted by Yesha Gee at Wednesday, September 26, 2007-
  • At September 26, 2007 at 7:48 AM, Blogger kalamansi.juicesaid…

    Marriage is a lifetime commitment with one another...
    dili parehas anang uyab2x lang ma pwedi mo mag bulag pag di na mo ganahan...
    when u enter into marriage it means you are ready for a much more challenging life and much more mature role...

    murag kaila ko ani na tao ba...

  • At September 26, 2007 at 8:14 AM, Anonymous flashspikesaid…

    Invite nyo ako.. ako gagawa ng presentation nyo sa kasal hahaha..negosyante asungot heheh.. hindi pupunta lng ako para kumain.. <-- BAD!! hindi... support your college clasmates... Advice ko lng.. Ambition cannot wait but love can wait.If its your time then its your turn... Budget for Marriage is pesos 3,000 sa attorney yan ha..West. kung gusto nyo ng bongga "Mag ready kau ng 200,000 up enjoy na kau nyan kasali na honeymoon and photography.accomodation. accomodation palang spend na kau ng 40T or 50T up. depende sa number of guest and food and place.
    Unahin nyo budget ung Photography kasi Isang beses lng kau magpapakasl.. Memories yan bah.. hanggang pagtanda nyo andyan pa yan..

  • At September 26, 2007 at 9:33 AM, Anonymous yesasaid…

    Asus, ingna gud jom na negosyante jud. Pastilan kaau. hehehe. Ka2ng fren nko gusto nman cya mag minyo dapat mabasa niya ang imong msg para maka prepare cya.

    Pero bitaw, agree ko sa imo jom, once lng bya ka ikasal, well... depende kon asa ka nagpakasal, basi diay naay divorce dd2. hehehe

  • At September 27, 2007 at 7:04 AM, Anonymous Amysaid…

    damn i cant read it ;_; send me a pm and let me know more details okay?

  • At September 28, 2007 at 5:12 AM, Anonymous charissaid…

    hmmm...di man jud dali mgpa kasal ye!

  • At October 1, 2007 at 1:57 PM, Anonymous spikesaid…

    negosyante ka dira... wala'y libre kron noh naglisud tanan tawo heheh.. discount lng hahaha.. kung sino man ung frend mo.. if she wants a great wedding dapat prepare ka ng pera.. pero kung habol mo is to get married lng then kung may pera na kau pwede naman kau mag pakasal ulit. hehehe

  • At January 23, 2008 at 2:41 AM, Anonymous nikoysaid…

    that makes two of us. mahadlok pud ko.

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