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Monday, June 25, 2007

Life as a Student

I’ve been out of school for so many years, that’s 3 years to be exact. Now that I’m back to school, I really thought it would be easy. However, ‘work plus school’ is never a scoop of ice cream. I work at 8am to 5pm and had a class at 6.30pm to 9.30pm EVERYDAY. I was very enthusiastic about it when i had the first period of class – and yes, it is a lecture period. Right there and then, we have a paper work due the next evening; imagine that?!

I told myself it’s better this way cos I’m really doing my best to finish my paper. Wow, I’m back to researching and studying. Didn’t I complain (awhile back) that my brain idled while not doing anything for the past years? Jeez, I did not complain, again, it is NOT a protest. It’s my first paper afterall, so no acrimony.

My first paper was handwritten bcos our teacher wanted to submit it in ‘quiz sheet’ (wth is it?). OK, quiz sheet – it is a paper used for quizzes and papers purposely made for students for that particular department or college at that certain University. Fine! I bought 5 sheets and started writing, and that’s where I started whining.

Surprisingly, I don’t know how to write using a pen anymore. My penmanship is terrible. My right hand is already numb. I wrote a total of 3 pages for that paper. I recheck my handwriting after and obviously, I am not pleased. When was the last time I wrote something that really long? All I can remember is signing thousands of students’ grades to be released – aside from that, nothing.

Moaning doesn’t end there, bcos right after I submitted my first paper, 2 papers are up again and due after 3 and 5 days respectively – that’s aside from another paper due on the same date as one of the book. I have to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Musashi’s Book of 5 Rings and make a paper about it. Yes, I read books but I only read books that caught my interest and most of it was fiction, love story and scientific fiction – factual books and philosophy are so out of my league. But what else I could do about it – nothing (right?!), but READ.

I finished my other Management theorist and theories paper (that is due tonight) and miss the Art of War’s paper. I’d like to shout, ‘WHO CARES?’ but I just can’t cos I CARE. Damnit! I really hope my teacher will allow an extension cos I really had a hard time looking for the book. I’ve found an e-copy this morning, read it while making my other management paper. I’m so occupied. Though my mind is really working, as in LITERALLY working, 2 papers due tonight ate me to death.

Actually, I had a small piece to submit about the Art of War if in case my professor won’t give me extension. Well, at least, have a little to submit.

So, here I am now – preparing to take off for school. It is already 5.30pm on my clock and I have 1 hour more to go. If you think, getting your ass back to school is great, I’d say – YES, it is! It’s challenging and demanding; such pressure sweats you and you don’t realized you’re (as if) heading back to your college life cramming to make papers done in a last minute... and it's so cool!

TRIVIA for the day!

I finally able to go back to a library…. And errr, to research!

Isn’t it amazing? =p

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posted by Yesha Gee at Monday, June 25, 2007-
  • At June 27, 2007 at 7:31 AM, Anonymous chikadeesaid…

    now u know how it feels, my friend. when i was completing my academic requirements in the dcm program u were one of those friends who constantly teased me for my tardiness and absenteeism. not that i am telling you to do the same thing, i'm just telling u why i performed that way. but i think u could handle the same thing better than i did, ikaw pa na very focused.

  • At June 27, 2007 at 7:34 AM, Blogger Ukaya Explorer Nikoysaid…

    good for you.

    i miss grad school. i'm already finished with my subjects. and i so miss doing papers. there was a time when i had to write 4 papers the night before the deadline. so exciting.haha. i discovered that i can stay awake for 15 hours without collapsing.hehe

    i'm sure you'll enjoy your schooling too.

  • At June 27, 2007 at 7:38 AM, Anonymous musikasaid…

    aja ye! ako pud soon .. makafeel na pud ko ug pressure and cramming .. bidah presidente ka?
    hehehe oi congrats! ngano bitaw'ng niskwela na naka ofis uniform ..=p ganbatte kudasaia! =)

  • At June 27, 2007 at 11:10 AM, Blogger kalamansi.juicesaid…

    cge lang yes...
    challenge na pud na siya sa imuha...
    na miss nako amg school...
    maka miss ang mangopya...
    ang walang kamatayang photocopy...
    as of now self-study na lang ta ani...

  • At June 29, 2007 at 10:43 AM, Anonymous yesasaid…

    hehehe. Lagi oi, disoriented pa kaau ko sa school life ba pero so far, ok pa man ko. hehe. Kapoy jud cya physically ug mentally. *phews*

    ~pasensya kapoy na login hehe.

  • At June 29, 2007 at 1:18 PM, Blogger JUANsaid…

    now ur talking...
    that is one of the reasons
    why i would always love
    being an actor...
    i love the pressure this way...
    i F&%@!)/ hate bein' a student..
    i just love having pictorials,
    shootings, autograph signing,
    all that stuff, u know?...
    and yeah right, i think it's
    time to make your fat ass working'''
    hehehehehe... ***peace***
    labyo ye!!!!

    i wanna post more...
    some more...

  • At June 29, 2007 at 1:31 PM, Blogger simpleyesasaid…

    Don't worry Manong, i'm proposing to my boss a Reality TV. I want to produce films and shows, and you knew exactly my desires for showbusiness. If ever it will push through, i will going to HIRE you.. it's a reality tv, murab PBB. hehehe. Instant Sikat ka manong. =p

    *shoot the moon!*

    i wub you manong! hehehe *pokes*

  • At June 30, 2007 at 11:33 AM, Blogger JUANsaid…

    really now!!!
    i like it...

    no new thread yet?...
    i wanna post some more...

  • At July 2, 2007 at 7:13 AM, Anonymous mayobabesaid…

    ana jud na yessa..
    unsa diay nga course imong gitirahan karon??..
    basin classmates ta sa isa ka subject bah and then wala lang ta kabalo..hehehhe
    ok lang na ok..challenge man na sya...kumbaga..pampapuga sa utok!..hehehehe
    GoodLuck gurl!..

  • At July 2, 2007 at 1:27 PM, Anonymous yesasaid…

    @Mayo - Back to school pud diay ka girl? Unsa imo gi enroll? Management Accounting pa ako gina earn karon then next semester, MBA na. =p

    @juan - i know, gusto kaau nmo akong proposal. Ikaw pa, artista-wanna-be pud bya kaau ka. hehe

    Sorry, kapoy na login eh.

  • At July 3, 2007 at 9:36 AM, Blogger HopChowsaid…

    Well that doesn't sound all that pleasant. I think a lot of college students who don't have jobs don't understand how difficult it can be to get everything done sometimes. I hope you do your very best dear. After all of this is done there will be even more work and trouble but that's life.

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