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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guide to Web Hosting

When my friend and I decided to make a website, we thought of the best place we can put our website. I was a tough decision because there are tons of issues to look into. So, we took some time of researching and analyzing to check which one would satisfy our needs.

We have given ourselves time to discuss about those important matters. It took us a lot of brainstorming to have the best decision and we started by asking the following questions below;

First, what type of website are we building?
Second, how much storage space would we need?
Third, how much bandwidth would we need?
Fourth, what hosting features will we need?

First, the question was a bit easy for us since we decided to create a website that has forum and komiks autoviewer. Even beforehand, we already have in mind what kind of website that we’re trying to vision and to create. But for those who have just started to think of what website they are building, there are several things to consider, (1) if website to be made is for blogging and for personal hobby, or (2) website that uses e-commerce.

Second, since we’re just making a website with forum and autoviewer, then we do not really need a huge amount of storage space for that matter. Not unless, we will do e-commerce which would likely need a huge storage space. But for our website, we only bought 200MB of storage space.

Third, as planned, we will be having an online discussion forum, therefore we need a lot more bandwidth than any other type of websites because users usually stay on for longer time as they read posts or contribute, and there is a much higher rate of repeat visitors who come back to read new messages. With the scenario that we had in mind, we purchased 4GB bandwidth. Bandwidth is very essential feature to consider; your bandwidth needs should be considered prior to signing up for a hosting plan.

Fourth, our website is PHP coded; we need resources like database, libraries, special access like FTP, and any other custom programming. For that reason, we need a host that will provide us these to have a website at its best.

It is necessary that before you sign up for any web hosting service, you put some thought into how big your web site will be, how popular the category is, and what type of service you will be providing. Actually, web hosting companies list everything they offer up front; nevertheless you really need to read and check what they’re offering. But worry no more, questions 2 to 3 can be answered by getting the best web hosting company right at your fingertips. You don’t need to brainstorm anymore, this web hosting link will give you the best web hosting company. So check it out!

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posted by Yesha Gee at Tuesday, March 25, 2008-
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You told Your close followers
who were taught how to seek the Father's heart
that whatever they asked for in prayer,
that they were to believe they received it
and it would be theirs. (Mark 11:24)

O, Father, help me to know Your heart intimately
so that I'll know how to pray,
what to pray,
and believe in advance
that I will receive it!

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