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Friday, January 25, 2008

Innocent Girl - Part 2

HS Continues

I sit at the first seat of the second row and next to me are Miles and Jojo. Kris and Med sat infront and in between them is a vacant seat for Shelly. Med and Kris are the brain of the group and they always fought the top 1 rank in the class all the time. Though they’re competing for the spot, they’re still friends since they have a friendly competition. Actually, Med was always on the rank 1 since 1st grade, next to her are random students who is either 5 points below her or 10. The competition just started when Kris transferred to our school in 4th grade. Kris is a former student of a good school in Davao City. She needs to transfer school since her Dad was assigned to work in our town. Kris became one in the group when she approached me and asked for help. Kris is my cousin and I knew her though we’re not close since we haven’t had the chance to be when she’s still in DC. Med is friendly, so adding Kris to the group is never a problem to her. Surprisingly, they start competing over the top 1 rank in every grading period of 4th grade, with 1 point behind or 2, switching places from rank 1 and 2.

So Shelly needs to sit beside them – in between them to be exact. It is not because she’s the referee but because she needed their brain. Shelly might not be dull but she’s the lowest among the six of us and she’s most likely to fail if not helped. Shelly’s not around today because she’s still in Manila for a vacation. Shelly may not be smart but she’s the richest among us. Her family owns the largest convenience store in town; her mom manages the business since her Dad travels a lot for business. She has a sister, 2 years older and a junior in the same high school. We call her sister “S” since both of them starts with She. If we try to contact Shelly, we need to tell the whole name and not the usual “She” because her sister’s name is Sheryl. So Sheryl is one of meanest girl in school. Just like us, this girl got her own group and also a popular one. She’s mean because she’s frank, straight and honest. She tells you what she thinks about you with 100% honesty, more of what is true and less of what is unnecessary. She might be mean – but Sheryl, me and the rest of my group are cool; simply because we are on the same league. We’re mean and she’s just the meanest. So Shelly’s elder sis is the meanest and she’s the opposite of her. Shelly rather keeps herself tight and center if things got unpleasant. She says “you’re hairclips are pretty” just to make the girl who adores her feel good about herself eventhough the hairclips are not pretty at all. Yes, she tends to lie but that’s because she didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. She’s sensitive and a cry-baby.

It’s boring to keep staring at the vacant seat but it’s more boring to listen to teacher’s lesson, whatever he’s saying duh! So the usual me plays again with my ballpen and prays it’s already the end of the day. Why is it party day has to end so soon and class has to end really long? Frown! I am wishing for the bell – recess time please.

I can’t tell how time passes by but it’s already lunch time. Oh my God, what happened to the recess time? It’s really funny to realize that Recess Time is for grade school only and there’ll be no more recess time in high school. So this will be our first lunch break together in new school, new uniform, new canteen, new school year and new everything. This is it, high school year has started and this will be the first time to pick which table to occupy for the rest of the school year. So we need a table with 6 chairs, and we couldn’t find one. All is there, a square table with 4 chairs. What are we going to do now? We can’t have that; we need round table and 6 chairs. This is just great, jeez! I can feel the pressures since the students are coming in and the canteen has started to look crowded. So I talked to a lady who works in the canteen and asked if she can help us. Unfortunately, the school doesn’t have a round table. Ahhhh! I’m so dismayed and I’m really hungry now. If we put 2 tables together and get 2 extra chairs, that would be good but we will ruin the entire table setting of the canteen and if we do that, I don’t think the canteen manager will like it. But we have no choice; so we broke the arrangement, put the two tables together, grab additional 2 chairs and got ourselves a new place to eat. Then just as I thought, the canteen manager approached us and she’s standing right infront of me. So I give her my sweetest smile, ask the rest to cute themselves and request for her to reconsider, and then smile again.

Do you really want to know how powerful a sweet smile is?.... Ask her. Hah! The spot is ours now and will be ours till the school year ends.

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posted by Yesha Gee at Friday, January 25, 2008-
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