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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I thank the book for everything!

I’m done reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist last night – and more than anything I can tell you, the story created a HUGE smile on my face. It made me realized to listen to my heart and pursue my Personal Legend. My heart may be talking to me in many days of my life – and frequently ignoring what it says – and now, caused me so much pain.

In reality, ‘too late’ really exist. Once the heart stops talking to you – you will never hear it again cos it will die. I’m afraid my heart is dying cos I seldom hear it now – but I tried, I forced myself to indulge to whatever it says me. I am afraid and I am doubtful. Maktub – everything is already written by the same hand. We’re often misled and denied what we ought to do.

I hope ‘too late’ is not yet signed on my page – cos I (now) wanted to pursue whatever is there for me and I will start listening to my heart – no matter how and what it is.

These are some quotes I have gathered from the book. The book brought inspiration to my life – it sends meaning to my scattered life. I thank Paulo Coelho for a magnificent piece. I thank my friend for sharing the book. And I thank the people around me – in realizing my own faults and worth.

"I'm alive. When i'm eating, that's all i think about. If i'm on the march, I just concentrate on marching. If i have to fight, it will be just as good a day to die as any other. Because i don't live in either my past or my future. I'm interested on the present, you'll be happy man. You'll see that there is life in the desert, that there are stars in the heavens, and that tribesmen fight because they are part of the human race. Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we're living right now. "

"The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon"

"When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it."

"Everyone has his or her own way of learning things. His way isn't same as mine, nor mine as his. But we're both in search of our Personal Legends, and i respect him for that."

"The day after we met, you told me you loved me. Then, you taught me something of the universal language and the Soul of the World. Because of that, i have become a part of you."

"I have been waiting for you here at this oasis for a long tome. I have forgotten about my past, about my traditions, and the way in which men of the desert expect women to behave. Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed that the desert would bring me a wonderful present. Now, my present has arrived, and it's you."

"You have told me about your dreamed, about the old king and your treasure. And you've told me about omens. So now, i fear nothing, because it was those omens that brought you to me. And i am part of your dreams, a part of your Personal Legend, as you call it."

"It's not what enters men’s mouth that’s evil, it’s what comes out of their mouths that is."

"Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You've got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense."

"You must understand that love never keeps a man from pursuing his Personal Legend. If he abandons that pursuit, it's because it wasn't true love... the love that speaks the Language of the World."

"Don't say anything. One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving."

"I had a dream, and I met with a king. I sold crystal and crossed the desert. And, because the tribe declared war, I went to the well, seeking the alchemist. So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you."

"There is only one way to learn, it's through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey. You need to learn only one thing one."

"Eventhough i complain sometimes,it's because i'm the heart of a person and people's hearts are that way. People area afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don't deserve them, or that they'll be unable to achieve them. We, their hearts, become fearful just thinking of loved ones who go away forever, or of moments that could have been good but weren't, or of treasures that might have been found but were forever hidden in the sands. Because, When these things happen, we suffer terribly."

“To nourish the falcon. And the falcon then nourished man. And, eventually, man will nourish your sands, where the game will once again flourish. That’s how the world goes.”

“Yes, that’s what love is. It’s what makes the game become the falcon, the falcon become man, and man, in his turn, the desert. It’s what turns into gold, and makes the gold return to the earth.”

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posted by Yesha Gee at Wednesday, March 14, 2007-
  • At March 14, 2007 at 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymoussaid…

    The Alchemist is inspiring because the novel inspired me as well.

  • At March 14, 2007 at 3:04 PM, Blogger Ukaya Explorer Nikoysaid…

    i haven't read the alchemist but i've heard a lot of people rave about it. i'm not into that genre of books and basing on the quotes from the book you posted, i'm not going to like the book for sure. but it's good you liked it.

  • At March 15, 2007 at 4:00 AM, Blogger simpleyesasaid…

    Good thing i really read the book cos i am sure i'll regret it if i haven't. Read it too Shizu. I highly recommended. hehe =)

  • At March 15, 2007 at 9:31 AM, Anonymous musicasaid…

    a simple story ... yet leave a big impact to the reader ... definitely a good read ;)

  • At March 15, 2007 at 10:49 AM, Anonymous chikadeesaid…

    paulo coelho's the alchemist is a nice read... the story is simple and appealing to everyone. i even encouraged my tutee to read the book and true enough she liked the story as well (to think my student's only in grade 6!) she's into collecting coelho's masterpieces. the book's simplicity and depth is comparable to that of antoine de saint-exupery's the little prince--- the words used are simple, images are clear, yet underlying this simplicity is a whole new approach to understanding man's inner self. the book is a reflection of every man's character and i guess it is this element which humbles the readers, making them love the alchemist.

  • At March 15, 2007 at 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymoussaid…

    While surfing in the net I discovered your profile and I also love
    the work of Paulo Coelho!!!! Do you know that he is launching his new
    book, The Witch of Portobello, through his blog
    I found it out because i'm inscibed to his newsletter
    it's simply wonderful!
    have a nice day!

  • At March 16, 2007 at 8:42 PM, Anonymous Reikiaddict a.k.a Jcsaid…

    Seeing some of the quotes, it's really obvious that the book was masterfully written.

    Although, it says something about everything is already written by the same hand...does this imply the existence of destiny/fate or the fact that man cannot create something universal such as morality and primary colors? Well, it's because I don't believe in fate, rather I believe that it co-exists with free will and self-made choices...

  • At March 26, 2007 at 5:44 AM, Anonymous Mauz15said…

    Wheeeeeee! here I am, nice blog! don't digg the music much though >_>

    If you liked the Alchemist, read "Siddhartha" by Hessee.

    I promise to visit it again.

  • At March 26, 2007 at 5:58 AM, Anonymous ErosTheAsteroidsaid…

    I've seen this book several times. My mother tells me its required reading for her company for newcomers. I quickly searched for the ebook and found it, only 50 msword pages, could read in a day. Dunno if its worth it, ill take a look when I'm not busy making fun of you on cr. ~.^ Oh and feel free to hit me up on cr if you want the book also.

  • At April 13, 2007 at 10:09 AM, Anonymous - jigz -said…

    You gave me the reason to see the book. Thank you.

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